Two-Tone Card with Die Cuts and Stenciled Background

Two-Tone Card with Die Cuts and Stenciled Background

Hello Friends Waleska here to share some inspiration on how to create a two tone card! When in doubt of what colors to use on a card I almost always go for a monochromatic which is one color or two tone combo like the card I created today!


One thing you need to understand about either monochromatic or two tone cards that has helped me to create more interest in my composition is to use different shades of the same color.  For my card today I used the Emperor Wings Para Dies and because it has different layers I used different tones of pink for them.  To create the background I used the Shape Shifters Stencil with Prom Queen Lunar Paste, this color inspired the rest of my card, I splatter some gold watercolor too.  This butterflies are very easy to assemble and because of the four layers you will create an almost 3D effect with them on your cards.

For my sentiment I used my favorite sentiments from the Crafty Meraki Stamp line the Elegance set with gold Embossing Powder to coordinate with the rest of the colors I used.  I can imagine this beautiful butterflies on many different projects, tags, scrapbooks, or even some home decor.  Don't forget to share with us what you are creating with the hashtag #CraftyMeraki.  Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a great day!


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