Crafty Meraki turns 1 this month!!!

Crafty Meraki turns 1 this month!!!

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

Bindu here on the blog today, after ages! I am here for a very special note to all of you and I wanted to share it here with you first - Crafty Meraki turns one this month! I can hardly believe it but YOU made it possible! I could not have come this far without your support! 

There are a few things I have to share with you today on my journey so far. 

As with any small business, I have had more than my fair share of ups and downs - and in my case it seems like mostly downs with a few ups sprinkled in. 😉

There have been so many days where I doubted myself and I wanted to give up… (I still have those days every now and then) There were days, weeks, months, where I wondered why I am doing this? Does anyone even know I am here? Does anyone appreciate the effort it takes to run a creative business?  Is all the stress worth it? Can I survive this whirlwind? How long can I keep doing this? And so many more…


But, your continued support by emails, by messages on Social Media and by the loads of handmade cards I have received over the past year gave me much needed inspiration to keep doing what I love doing most! ❤️ 

And of course, your continued support of my small business in the form of your orders gives me the strength, courage and motivation I need to keep bringing even more crafty goodness to you! For this, I am forever grateful to you! 


When I started Crafty Meraki, I had only one goal - to inspire creativity. I wanted to inspire more and more crafters to do what they love doing. My mission and my goal has always been ”Creators Helping Creators”. This is more than a tag line for me - this is what I strive for. Those of you who have bought anything on my website, have almost always received a handwritten note from me saying ” I am excited to be a part of your creative journey. I hope your crafty goodies bring you joy and I hope they inspire you to create. I can’t wait to see what you create”. 


This is really truly the sentiment that I strive for. This is not just something I write - I mean this truly from the bottom of my heart. It gives me immense joy when you share your creations with me - it makes me proud that I played a small part in your creative journey. 


There is also one special person I have to thank, for every little bit that I am able to accomplish - and that is Sindhu -  she is on Instagram. Sindhu has been with me throughout this entire year and has literally been my backbone. My biggest supporter, my strength and my source of constant courage and motivation. She has been there for me through every single 'down' and has constantly been lifting me up - Sindhu, I could not have done this without you, so thank you! ❤️ they say there is a woman behind every man’s success... but in my case, I have a woman behind another woman (me) cheering me on! For that I am always grateful. 


In keeping with the Crafty Meraki spirit of Creators helping Creators, I am collaborating with some really big names in the crafting industry to bring you how-to videos and incredible inspiration on the crafty meraki YouTube Channel at (HINT: Have you subscribed to our channel yet?) Watch the YouTube channel starting this month to see some amazing and inspiring videos - Don’t miss out!


We will have new product releases every Monday this month starting on the 10th of May, with a grand finale release and YouTube hop on the 31st. Also throughout this month, we will have games, giveaways and fun surprises to celebrate our first birthday. If you are not already following Crafty Meraki on Instagram, head over now and watch the stories for games and giveaways. Also be sure to follow the hashtag #merakiversary. 


I hope you will join me in this celebration and I hope you will continue to encourage me, cheer me on and most important of all, I hope you will share your creative journey with me! 

Much love to you all my Meraki Family! 




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Debbie Whitmore

Debbie Whitmore

Hi, Is Crafty Meraki available on any other sites? The Magnolia set and dies? Thank you.



I’m trying to figure out how you use these products I’m new I believe maybe I need to start with stamps or stencils I like diy thanks

Becky H

Becky H

Yay!! All the “blood, sweat and tears” is always worth it when you hit those milestones!! Congratulations!

Brenda Binkley

Brenda Binkley

Congratulations to you and your crafty company! God Bless you and thank you so very much for providing all the wonderful crafty things. I wish you many more years in the craft industry, doing what you love!.

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