INKON3 - Crafty Meraki Collaboration release

INKON3 - Crafty Meraki Collaboration release

Hey everybody Bindu here and I am back with a very special release today. 

As promised, I am here with the INKON3 - Crafty Meraki Collaboration stamp to add to our amazing collection of Diwali Stamps. 

When I talked about Diwali the other day, I mentioned that Diwali is about the community coming together to celebrate something they believe in. This collaboration between INKON3 and Crafty Meraki is a classic example of exactly that. 

This is also the reason why we have been calling Meraki Craftober a Celebration. It is a celebration of our collective love for crafting. 

Fleurette and I were complete strangers just a few months ago and we were brought together by our love and passion for crafting. 

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to the INKON3 crafty meraki collaboration stamp set called Shine Bright. 

When I asked Fleurette to design a stamp for the collaboration release, I mentioned to her that it would be part of my Diwali release. At which point, Fleurette  asked me to tell her more about the festival.  I mentioned to her that Diwali is all about lights, colors and festivities. 

INKON3 Crafty Meraki Collaboration release

Fleurette then came back with this gorgeous stamp set with images of lanterns, candles and  string of lights which are all traditionally used in Diwali decorations.  She also added lotus images which are an equally important part of Diwali celebrations. 

The best part about the lanterns and candles in this stamp set is the fact that the candles fit inside the lanterns - how amazing is that? 

You can see that some of the design team members actually used candle images inside the lanterns.

INKON3 Crafty Meraki Collaboration stamp

I say all this, to show you how much care and thought Fleurette put in  to designing this set. It makes me proud of my traditions but more importantly it makes me immensely proud to be working with Fleurette who put so much care into designing this set. I am so proud to be a part of the crafting community that has given me so much and this is truly a celebration of our friendship. 

Crafty Meraki Inkon3 Collaboration stamp 

I hope the stamp and the story behind this collaboration brought you a smile Here are some projects that the design teams created. I hope you are inspired by these images.


Shine Bright INKON3 Crafty Meraki Collaboration


INKON3 Crafty Meraki Collaboration release  

Watch the release video here.

I will be back on Monday the 19th  with more fun products. Until then, stay happy, Stay crafty!




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