#merakicraftober 2020 Diwali Release

#merakicraftober 2020 Diwali Release

Hey everybody Bindu here! 

I am back today to share with you a very exciting new release from Crafty Meraki during he #merakicraftober release month. 

In case you missed it, we are having a month-long celebration called #MerakiCraftober with lots of new products and excitement in store for you. Follow #MerakiCraftOber to get the latest and to see tons of inspiration from the design team. 

Today's release is all about Diwali! 

Happy Diwali

Diwali is the Festival of Lights, symbolic of the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. 

But for me, Diwali is all about tradition. A tradition where families come together as one to celebrate… Friends come together to enjoy the festivities. Diwali is also about the community coming together as one to celebrate something they believe in. 

Diwali has always been a special celebration for me not only for all these reasons, but also for the lights, the decorations and of course all the yummy food. And how can I forget fireworks? Diwali for me brings back childhood memories that are nothing short of magical! 

This year my Diwali celebrations started early and in many ways the celebration are bigger than ever before. What makes it even more special is that I am celebrating Diwali with the people that I now call my tribe - but just a few months ago we were all complete strangers, brought together by one common thread that is crafting. 

I am celebrating Diwali with my tribe spread out,  not only across the United States,  but also across continents… with crafty friends who are in India. 

We are all like-minded people who enjoy crafting but are also bound together by our tradition in celebrating Diwali! 

So when we decided to have a release dedicated to Diwali, it only added to our joy and excitement! 

Diwali Release - Craftober 2020

I am super excited and proud to share with you 4 new products in this special Diwali release that celebrate Diwali in their own way! 

The first 2 stamps were born from my vision of giving everyone a crafty way to celebrate Diwali - by having dedicated Diwali stamps. I have been wanting Diwali stamps for many years now and I am glad I was able to bring my vision into life with During the Meraki Craftober celebration! 

Diwali Stamps Craftober 2020

These 2 stamp sets are very traditional and give you Diwali elements and sentiments so you can enjoy Diwali card making and share them with your friends and family. 

When I say that this year I am celebrating with my tribe, I truly mean it. I asked Mansi to design stamps for Diwali, and she came through in the most Maverick way possible… haha!

Precious Shine On Mansi Craftober Release 2020

You know I always say she is a maverick and you can see why! I love that these stamps celebrate Diwali but are versatile enough for Christmas cards or even everyday cards ! 

Check out how the team used these stamps here. You will also see cards that Mansi created using her own stamps and seeing her cards made me smile ear-to-ear.

I hope the design team and I inspired you to create and share Diwali with your near and dear ones! 

You can shop the new release here.

I will be back on Wednesday with a fun collaboration product from INKON3.. Until then, stay happy, stay crafty! 





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