Welcome to Meraki Craftober Release week 3

Welcome to Meraki Craftober Release week 3

 Hi Everyone!

Bindu here and I am back with yet another fun and exciting line up of Crafty goodies.

I know I have been talking about Diwali for a while now so I want to take a short break from Diwali today and instead, I want to talk about what Crafty Meraki means to me and why I do what I do.

What you see here, is the packaging that is on every Crafty Meraki product – stamps and dies. If you have already bought our new release items in the last 2 weeks, then you may have already seen this!

Crafty Meraki meaning 

I always get asked what does Meraki mean?

Meraki (may-rah-kee) is a Greek word, which roughly translated from Greek means “to do something with Soul, Creativity or Love; to put something of yourself into your work” 

I chose the name Crafty Meraki after a lot of thought and research. Why did I do that? I knew that I wanted a name that reflects who I am and I what I believe in. Those who know me personally know me as a person who does everything with great zeal and enthusiasm. I rarely do things I am not passionate about. So, when I discovered that there is a name for what I do, (Meraki) I was ecstatic as you can imagine.  So obviously it had to be a part of my new adventure. And hence, Crafty Meraki was born. 

Then comes the question of why am I here? What is my vision for Crafty Meraki?

 If you have ordered anything on craftymeraki.com, you probably have received a handmade card that I personally sign and it usually says something like “I am super excited to be a part of your creative journey. I hope your crafty goodies bring you joy and I hope they inspire you to create!”

 THIS is what my vision is for Crafty Meraki. I want everyone to feel inspired to create and in turn, inspire others to create. I want you to feel the joy that comes from crafting and sharing the joy of crafting with the community. THIS is the reason I do what I do.

You will see the words “Creators helping Creators” in every logo of Crafty Meraki. This is not just a tag line for me – it has great meaning and significance to me personally. I truly believe in helping creators create and it brings me immense joy when I can share your creative journey with everyone in the crafting community.

This is the biggest reason why I love working with the design team and bring their ideas into life - we share our creative ideas with each other and truly inspire each other to be our best selves.

Most of the new slimline dies you see in today’s release are a collaboration between Candice and myself. Candice had ideas for slimline dies and I wanted to bring them to life. And so, we started on a 3 month long journey of doing and re-doing the designs until we were both satisfied with the outcome – after all,  these dies have to bring immense joy to us and to everyone else that we are sharing them with! 

So, onto the release now.. This week we have 5 more amazing slimline dies! 

Craftober release week 3 

 Take a look at all the products released so far, here.

You can watch the video with lots of inspiration from the design team and myself here:


I say all of this to show you that when I say I hope these goodies bring you joy and I hope they inspire you to create -  I truly mean it!

I will be back again on Wednesday with a fun collaboration stamp from Heffy Doodle. 

 Until then, Stay happy, Stay crafty!






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