Circle Shaped Card that stands!

Circle Shaped Card that stands!

Hello, it's Kari here today with another card and video to share. Today I'm making a Circle Shaped card that stands and has a recurring dot (circle) theme. I had such a fun time creating this card and I hope it inspires you, too!

Watch the video below or in HD on YouTube:

I was inspired by the smaller images in the Pixie Perfect stamp set...especially that adorable mushroom house. The circles on the "roof" made me think of a circle shaped card.

I cut 2 circles (about 4" in diameter) and on one of the circles, I created this scene. Distress inks create a beautiful, bright ink blended background. Then I added more circles by inking through a polka dot stencil with the same colors as the background.

The Hi Hot Foil and die set creates a perfectly sized sentiment for these cards!

To turn this into an actual card, I took the second circle and scored a line at about the 3/8" mark. Then I cut off a small portion from the opposite side to make it able to stand (see the video for the details on this)! I glued the top panel to the scored upper portion to create our shaped card.

I hope you enjoyed this project today! It was so fun to create. See you soon with more cards,


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