Mansi @Team Crafty Meraki

Master of all trades!
If there was ever a true "master of all", that would be Mansi!  There is no doubt she is extremely talented and super creative with ALL mediums... but, here is a true story!  The day I asked Mansi to be a part of the team, she was featured by Jennifer McGuire AND Kristina Werner on Instagram... YESSSS!!!! THE Jennifer McGuire & THE Kristina Werner! Do I need to say more about how talented she is??? 😍😍 And to think she agreed...
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Juhi @Team Crafty Meraki

The water color magician!
Introducing Juhi!!!!  I can honestly say that most of you are probably already her die hard fans like I am... I mean, have you seen her water coloring???? I rest my case!  I had been following Juhi's work for a while silently when I mustered up the courage to ask her to join the team.... and she said YES!!!!! I kid you not - I did my happy dance!!! (I think I still am... 😜😜) To say I am thrilled she...
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Karthikha @Team Crafty Meraki

Karthikha, the popup queen! ❤️
Next up on our blog is Karthikha!  She is quite the power house I must say! Like Sindhu, Karthikha has also been an artist for many many years now! Her social media presence is undeniable as well so I am sure you have seen her work before!  Karthikha is the only one on my team who makes 3D cards!!! GO Karthikha!  I love how effortless she makes popup cards look! One day may be I will make some popup cards...
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Sindhu @Team Crafty Meraki

Does she really need my introduction? 😍😍
Let me introduce you to the lovely ladies that will be with us on this roller coaster ride!  You will be seeing their fabulous creations over on our blog so let's find out more about our team! Although these ladies need no introductions - they have been making the proverbial waves on social media for a while and many of you may already know them! First up is Sindhu! If you're like me, you have been stalking her work for many years now! I...
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