Small Easter box

Small Easter box


Today I have another idea for you to make Easter more interesting. I have prepared a box that will be fantastic for packing sweets for the little ones. You can hide such boxes in the garden or in the apartment and arrange a great search.

To prepare the box, I created my own patterned paper. To begin with, I cut out two parts of the box from craft paper (Capture my Heart). Then I applied a carrot stamp pattern to it (Don't worry be hoppy) and added a few small hearts in places. For this pattern, I used brown colored ink so that it wouldn't stand out too much in the foreground. I wanted the pattern to blend in a bit and be a delicate background.

Then, using a bookbinder's bone, I reinforced all the creasing lines and proceeded to fold and glue the cardstock. Finally, I colored the selected stamps (Pixie perfect and Don't worry be hoppy) and cut them out so they could decorate the box.

The final finishing touch was ribbons that matched the colors of the colored stamps. And done :)

I wish you a beautiful day


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