Shaker card for Little One

Shaker card for Little One


Today I want to show you how you can quickly spice up your card and add an interactive element to it. The making itself is trivially easy. I used a fantastic cutting die, which, as I have mentioned many times, is by far my favorite from the Crafty meraki collection. With its help you can create an infinite number of cards. We are, of course, talking about the cutting die "3 Room Studio Mini Slimline". This time I will use the windows cut by the die-cutter, to prepare shakers.

To begin with, I chose a card theme. It's been a while since the idea of making a baby-themed card popped into my head. By the way, this is my favorite theme. I reached for pattern papers in shades of pink, prepared a transparent foil in the size of the card base, and also prepared the paper that I used as the background of the base.

The first thing I did was to glue the transparent foil to the back of the die-cut base. It is worth remembering to use double-sided tape to stick the mentioned foil through. This will prevent the paper from getting wet, it will not start waving and the foil will not move, it will be immediately attached permanently. Then on the back side of the card base I glued foam tape, creating windows, into which I then poured sequins. If the sequins become too electrified, you can add a little powder to them, which will cancel out the electrifying effect. It is also important to spread the sequins evenly, so that they do not get blocked when the base is glued together.

Once the shaker card base is glued together and ready, I moved on to decorating it with stamps. I decided to create a very delicate and simple composition using just a few stamps. I reached for a bird stamp, a nest with egg, a branch and a teddy bear. They came from such sets as "It's Play Time", "Puff to the beach", "Birds of Paradise" and "Tou the Tropics". In fact, each stamp comes from a different set, but they complement each other perfectly and create a wonderful composition. It is worth mixing illustrations from different stamp sets. On the outside on the paper I glued a few more separate sequins to refer to the shaker's gems.

I hope I managed to inspire you and you will try to make such a shaker on your own.

I wish you a lot of creativity and a nice day.


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