Romantic embroidery hoop

Romantic embroidery hoop


If you've been following the Crafty Meraki blog regularly, you've surely noticed that some time ago I prepared an embroidery hoop inspiration, and I found that I would definitely return to this form at some point. Here I am.

The latest release brought such fantastic die-cuts that I just had to use to make a decorative embroidery hoop. Of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't use any stamps, so in this inspiration you'll see how to combine die-cuts with stamps in an interesting way. To start with, as always, I thought about the color scheme I would like to use for this inspiration. I found a pattern paper that I liked, and that's what I based my choice of shades on.

I decided to use the "Luna" die-cut because it seems very delicate and subtle to me. It will go perfectly with the romantic finish of the whole work. After die-cutting the butterfly from colored paper, I selected a few more accessories that further completed the whole look. I reached for parchment paper and an old sheet of notes. I wanted to avoid simple symmetrical cuts, so the pieces were hand torn on the edge that is visible in the composition. At the very end of creating the background, I added some inked hearts, which I then covered with glitter paste.

To decorate the round edge of the embroidery hoop, I used stamps from the "Love like no other" set. As it turned out, their shape fit perfectly into the frame. I colored the stamps with alcohol markers and finally added some accents with white gel pen. Then I moved on to gluing the whole composition. On the sides of the frame I attached bouquets of colored tulips, in the central part I placed the Luna butterfly and above it I added a banner with the inscription. I added a few sequins and topped the whole work with a lace bow to give additional lightness to the inspiration.

How do you like such an idea? Have you ever tried using an embroidery hoop when creating your inspirations?

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