Pull it out for a different look.

Pull it out for a different look.
Hello crafty friends! Karin here, this week is all about interactive cards. Normally I don’t  make interactive cards so I had to think twice before I knew what I could make. And I don’t  know if this card really is an interactive card but I think it is. 
First I made an ink smooshed background. I used the following distress ink colours: Peacock feathers, Picked raspberry, Squeezed lemonade and the versamagic chalk ink colour: Pink grapefruit. I always put every colour down on my glass mat randomly, a bit of blue on the left top and on the right middle and the bottom, I make sure every colour is everywhere on the glass mat. In a square just as big or a little bigger as my paper that I want to colour. Now I spray all the ink with a good amount of water, I really want to have a good flow and want to mix the colours so I spray water until the colours on the glass mat are already mixing a bit. Then you take your piece of watercolour paper and lay it on top of the ink. I always press the piece of paper down onto the surface, even sweep it on top so the colours saturate the paper really well. Now you can pic up your piece of paper and let it dry completely or use a heat tool to speed up the process. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the outcome and wanted to add a little more colour to it. So I picked up the picked raspberry and added a good amount of it onto the glass mat and sprayed it with water. Now I only put my paper down on the places where I wanted a little more pink. I repeated this with all the other colours and let the paper dry in between. 
Now that this piece is ready we can die cut it with the most beautiful background die Speckled Canopy After die cutting I chose a background colour, I wanted to create two totally different backgrounds so I went for a greyish blue. The only part I’m glueing are three edges of the cut piece, so I can slide another colour cardstock in between the two glued pieces. I have to say, this particular die wasn’t the best pick to make a card like this. You better choose a die that has more space around the edges to glue it to the background. 
I chose a pink mirror cardstock that can slide in and out of the card because it’s sturdy enough to slide it and it gives a totally different look than the greyish blue background. Just cut the mirror cardstock piece in the right size but keep it a little longer than the actual card, so you can add a ‘pull’ tag on it. I slide the cardstock in between the card and cut some of it off with a scissor. Just leave a bit of cardstock in the middle for the ‘pull’ tag. Because writing on mirror cardstock isn’t easy I glued a piece of the greyish blue on top of the tag and wrote ‘pull’ on it. Now this is all finished we only need to add a sentiment. 
I used the Gilded Greetings EAP and used the same ink smooshing technique as I did for the card. I don’t have the matching die set so I cut out the words with a scissor. Adding the sentiment with some double sided foam tape in the middle of my card and that’s it. A super easy card with great result. The recipient can choose if they like the mirror cardstock more or the greyish blue. 
I hope I inspired you with this blog and you’ll give it a try too! Have a great weekend! See you next Saturday for another blog. ~ Karin 

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