Love Heart Slimline Card

Love Heart Slimline Card

Happy Friday, crafty people! Irene here. I'm back today with a love-themed slimline card. I made this card with my nine-year-old daughter in mind, so I used soft colors. For today's project, I used the Capture My Heart 3D Box Dies and the Cupid's Canvas ESP.

I trimmed the cardstock to 3.25 inches by 8 inches and masked the edges with low-tack tape. Using a blending brush, I inked Catherine Pooler inks in It's a Girl and Oh Boy. I added more Oh Boy to the outer edges to create a light purple color. While still masked, I sprinkled the panel with water and used a paper towel to pick up the drops.


I die-cut rainbow foiled Cupid's Canvas using the solid heart shapes from the Capture My Heart Set. I saved two outline cuts and one solid heart. I die-cut the heart with the word " Love " in pink glitter cardstock and twice with the solid heart shape.

I added the Love heart die onto the solid foiled heart shape with liquid glue. I glued two pink glitter hearts onto the card panel (with space in between) with liquid glue. I added the thin outlines to each and the "Love" heart to the center with foam tape. I said nine Magial Iris gems around the hearts.

I added the finished panel to my slimline base, trimmed the card excess since I did not make a proper slimline size, and done!

Thanks for reading along! Have a lovely weekend!

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