Have you checked in on a friend today?

Have you checked in on a friend today?


Hope you're all doing well.

This card holds a special meaning to me. We don't check in often enough with our friends and family, we rarely send them cards "just because." Life passes us by and we get lost in the busy-ness of it ... but sometimes we must introduce pause and just send a card for no reason, no occasion.

Helo friend 1

As crafters we have the unique ability to use our tools to create things that touch people's lives and hearts. I urge you to do more of it, to spread joy, to share happiness, to let those around you know how much they mean to you.

For this very simple but emotionally powerful card, I used the Altenew Best Mom Stamp Set and colored it with my poster colors from when I was in sixth grade. Yes, they've traveled around the world with me, are completely dried out but still work just as well as they did three decades ago. You might want to use some newer colors, though ;-)

Hello friend 2

I share some details on my entire card-making process here in this video, right from stamping the image to making the finished card. So grab a beverage and enjoy the process.

And don't forget to shop at Crafty Meraki for all your crafting supplies! You’ll see in the video how I mix and match different brands and I find it really convenient to go to one shop and grab all the tools and crafty supplies I need

See you next time!


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