Friend-a-saurus with Samantha

Photo Aug 09, 8 57 35 AM Images that are just the right size to hold their own on a simple card front with a sentiment are some of my favorites!! Photo Aug 09, 8 57 10 AM Quick Tips:
  • These dinosaurs are simple enough to fussy cut - just use a black marker to run along the edges for a finished look.
  • Adding a very faint shadow under each image (I used C1 and C00 markers) and popping up the fussy cut images, gives just enough dimension to make these cards special.
  • My go to color scheme is usually pretty bright but I wasn't sure if that was the direction I wanted to go here so it was Pinterest to the rescue! In this case, I tried searching for "dinosaur images" and found a perfect muted color scheme. Sometimes I also try searches like "illustrations" or "cartoons" depending on the look I'm going for.
Photo Aug 09, 8 56 45 AM

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-- Samantha
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