Autumn card using "Spring Wonder" elements

Autumn card using "Spring Wonder" elements

Hello everyone!


The past inspiration week was marked by the colors of autumn. I hope you have been following all the wonderful works created by the members of the design team. My inspiration will conclude this week's series.

I have to admit that I really liked this theme, because I definitely love autumn and all the color palette that appears during this season.

This time I came up with an idea for a card in warm autumn colors, which will differ a bit from the style you can usually see on my inspirations. I don't know if I've mentioned, however, I don't feel confident in working with flowers. I always admire how members of design teams create wonders using floral stamps. I, on the other hand, stand away from such designs and usually don't reach for them. This time, however, I couldn't resist turning the flowers from the "Spring Wonder" stamp into autumn sunflowers to create the outline of a kind of irregular frame on the card. If you take a look for yourself what this stamp even is you will probably notice that it looks completely different on my card. And this is because, as a person who is very apprehensive about creating cards with flowers alone, I always customize the stamp and use only the part that currently fits the idea in my head.

Of course, I don't mean cutting the stamp itself, however, once it is stamped on a piece of paper, I proceed to color only the parts that I have planned, and then cut them out by hand removing those elements that are unnecessary at the moment. In this way I got two separate pieces. One with three sunflowers and the other with one flower. This pattern was to be the main inspiration.

Next, I started reviewing my entire collection of stamps from Crafty Meraki and chose a few sets containing elements that would blend perfectly with the idea of my card. In the main I was looking for something that is very much related to autumn for example leaves, mushrooms, birds, feathers. I also found a worm and a spider, which I blended into the whole scenery.

Two weeks ago I prepared a card showing how to create autumn crows from spring birds. I took up the idea again and a beautiful raven is also on my current card.

The whole thing, as I mentioned earlier, is based on autumn colors with one exception. I decided to add one stronger accent. This is, of course, the color purple. I decided that it will very nicely emphasize the consistency of the warm autumn colors, and at the same time will make the attention focus on the mushroom located in the lower right corner.

I used the "Crafty Plaid" die-cut for the inspiration background. I used light cream paper for it in order not to muffle the whole composition and to make those autumn colors stand out beautifully.

I highly encourage you to test the method of dividing the stamps into smaller pieces. This way you can get a completely new look for the blunts and with temau new ideas can start to appear in your head. This will give a whole new perspective on the utensils that you have had in your studio for a long time. But please remember to separate only the impression of the stamp.

Products I used to prepare the inspiration:

I wish you a lot of creativity and lots of ideas for alternative uses of stamps with a large composition.


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