A Terrarium Full of Hugs

A Terrarium Full of Hugs

Hey Crafty Meraki friends....it's Michelle made.by.michi with you today with a card full of diecutting and not a single bit of stamping!  I used the new Artisan Flora Succulents Para-Dies paired with the Artisan Flora Add-On Terrarium Para-Dies for this. I know they were designed to go together, but they truly do pair together beautifully!  

For my background I wanted to keep it simple, as all the focus would be on the diecutting.  So I grabbed one of my Lindy's Gang Magical powders in Sea Grass Green and started creating some magic lol.  For the background I dipped a wide flat paintbrush (but not too wet, or you'll leave clumps in the powder) and dipped it into my powder, making sure to only pick up a bit of the powder and brushed it back and forth on a piece of watercolour paper, cut larger than my cardbase of 4.24x5.5".  I added a bit more as needed, but didn't add too much water, as I wanted to keep the streaks of all the colours.  That was set aside to dry fully and then was trimmed down to 4x5.5".

For the base of the terrarium or the dirt, I did the same but using Cattail Copper Brown powder.  This was set aside and then diecut once fully dry.  The terrarium and the dirt were cut from the Artisan Flora Add On Terrarium Para-Dies, the terrarium using black cardstock and the dirt from the dried Copper Brown Lindy's Gang piece.

For all of the succulents, I used backgrounds that I had previously made but had set to the side as they weren't quite what I wanted at the time, but they were exactly what I needed for this project.  Don't ever throw out those backgrounds you aren't happy with at the time...you never know when you may need them in future projects.  

I assembled the succulents together using glue and then added it all to my terrarium over the dirt.  I added apiece of string to the top of the terrarium, to mimic a hanging terrarium and wrapped that around the back of the watercolour paper and secured it using some washi tape.  This was then added over my arrangement and the diecut Hugs from the Gilded Greetings EAP using the coordinating die.  That was added using some foam adhesive.

And there you have it!  These new Succulent dies and Terrarium are so fun and I can only imagine all of the colours you could use!  Can I share a little secret though??? I'm not a gardener at all and actually HATE gardening, although I do love all the flowers lol, but this is definitely a garden I can get behind and tend to, no problem lol.   

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope that I have helped to inspire you in some small way.  I wish you all the most wonderful and crafty day and until next time,  Michelle :) 

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