Simple Thanksgiving card

Simple Thanksgiving card


Today's post is a little new to me, as Thanksgiving-themed inspirations have not appeared in my craftroom. It is not a holiday that would be celebrated in Poland, so this theme is not well known to me. However, I gave it a try and I think it was worth it.

In today's inspiration I opted for a non-obvious color scheme of mostly pink shades. On the other hand, I broke it up a bit with brown and yellow. I used strips of pink paper as a background, which were arranged in such a way that they intertwine in the main part of the inspiration, which gives an additional decorative effect.

My card was made in a very simple way using a stamp from the "Just Quillin'" collection and the whole composition was enriched with wonderful leaves from the latest EAP "Evergreen Elegance".
The lettering is also from the latest release and it is from the EAP "Gilded Greetings" set.

The stamps were colored with alcohol markers and detailed with small touches of white gel pen.
I hope you enjoyed the inspiration.
I wish you a lot of creativity!

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