#merakiversary release sneak peeks day 3

#merakiversary release sneak peeks day 3

The wait for the new release is almost over! Exactly at this time, tomorrow, you will be able to shop the new release! Are you excited? We sure are! Also, we have two hops- YouTube and IG that go live at 11 AM ET tomorrow.  You definitely won't want to miss them because the inspiration is mind blowing and the prizes are HUGE! LOL! 

Coming to today's sneak peeks, are you a fan of background dies? If you are not, you will change your mind after you look at these absolute beauties! 

Party Balloons mini slimline Meraki Para-dies

Stargazer mini slimline Meraki Para-dies 

Merakulous mini slimline Meraki Para-dies 

Lenten rose mini slimline Meraki Para-dies 

See you tomorrow at the grand release! 




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