Meraki Craftober Release week 4

Meraki Craftober Release week 4

Hi Everyone!

Bindu here and I am back with more fun and exciting line up of Crafty goodies. This is the last big release for Merakicraftober.

Click here to view all the products in the Meraki Craftober release.   

 Meraki Craftober Release week 4

You may have noticed that I don’t usually talk about the products or the designs during the video - I usually talk about the story and the people rather than the products that you see. I do this on purpose because I want you to know the people behind the products and inspiration that you see! With a dream team like that of Crafty Meraki, there is plenty of inspiration for each product to help inspire you so I figured I would let the products and cards speak for themselves! 

 Little Things Meraki Craftober Enna Adams

Speaking of design team, my journey and story would be incomplete if I did not mention my team...  You know it really takes a village as they say!! And I have to say I have the BEST village EVER! 

 Meraki Craftober One of a Kind Mansi

Each and everyone on my design team brings something unique to the mix! I individually handpicked every one of them and asked them to be a part of my team. The team that I have picked, inspires me personally in so many ways and I am so blessed that my team has supported me in more ways than I can count… I am forever grateful. 


Meraki Craftober Magical Christmas Bindu

Today’s release is very special in many ways! You may have noticed that Deepti designed 3 of the stamps we are releaseing today! Thanks to Sindhu who helps me find super talented people to call my design team, I met Deepti a few months ago! If you have been following us, you know Deepti has an amazingly unique take on all stamps and dies… her use of bubble mania die with floral stamps floored me!  

Meraki Craftober Christmas Miracle Brenda

So, In keeping with the tradition  of showcasing the talent on my own team AKA creators helping creators… I asked Deepti to illustrate stamps for this release, and what stunner holiday stamps she has created! I also made a special request for Deepti to design a flower bunch stamp and she created Little things… It literally just took my breath away!! Deepti truly created a Magical Christmas. I couldn’t be more excited for the release! And I am so proud to call Deepti my friend!   

 Meraki Craftober Christmas Miracle Deepti

I’ve been following Alex Siberia’s work for a while before I decided to finally ask her to illustrate a stamp for the Meraki craftober release. She immediately said yes and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She came back to me with this gorgeous design that made my heart skip a beat.  

Meraki Craftober Alex Syberia one of a Kind

You can watch the release video here:



I hope these goodies bring you as much joy as they did to me and I hope they inspire you to create! I’ll be back On Wednesday with a fun collaboration with Colorado Craft Company. Until then, stay happy stay crafty! Bye! 





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