Last-minute card made with EAP

Last-minute card made with EAP


December is beginning! Have you also started counting down to Christmas? I am completely engrossed in creating Christmas projects and my studio is dominated by winter moods.
Fortunately, this year even the weather was beautiful and provided the perfect climate for creating such works. For several days there has been a considerable layer of snow and it is snowing all the time. One immediately has more desire to create in such a setting.

As you may have already figured out, this week's theme is last-minute cards based on EAP.

The last release was very special for me, because I had the opportunity to prepare for you my color version of the EAP blocks, and it was based on this version that I created today's inspiration.

The EAP versions I created were very much based on pastel colors, so the inspiration made with them also has many such shades.

The great advantage of the EAP blocks is that you will find 4 color versions of each design in each of them. This is an extremely fast method of creating cards, because, as we know very well, it is very often the coloring that takes the most time. In the block this work is already done for you. All that remains is to cut out the illustrations with the help of die-cutters, which are also adapted for use with EAP.

Thanks to this solution in a very short time you are able to prepare a large number of cards, which will still be personalized and made by your own hands.

While preparing today's inspiration, I used illustrations from three different EAP blocks. Note that although they are not from the same block, everything fits together beautifully and creates a harmonious composition with soft colors.
The blocks I used are:
"Evergreen Elegance"
"Festive Frolic"
"Gilded Holiday Greetings"

I hope I've been able to encourage you to make similar cards and to try the EAP blocks if you haven't already.

I wish you lots of creativity and a festive winter mood.


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