Keep it simple - One stamp set bookmarks

Keep it simple - One stamp set bookmarks



The last few days have been marked by sunshine and hot weather for me. You can say that I have a real tropics here, so my inspiration will remain in the tropical theme. However, this time I want to show you that with really few supplies we are able to do fantastic things.

For today's inspiration I used just one stamp set. We are talking about "Tou the Tropics". I love this set because it contains everything I need to create a composition. Here you will find wonderful toucans in various dynamic poses, branches on which to place these birds, some flowers, leaves and there are even fruits. The recipe for success is encapsulated in this one set.

This time I wanted to bet on something quick and simple. I searched in the nooks and crannies of my studio for a few pieces of ribbon, scraps of paper, leftover magnetic mat and pieces of vellum paper.

To start, I prepared myself a paper suitable for alcohol markers. With black ink, I stamped the stamps from the kit on it and then proceeded to color the illustrations with alcohol markers. For some time, my method has been based on starting coloring from the darkest parts of the stamp and gradually moving to the lighter parts, changing the colors of the markers. This time I chose some toucans and a bit of extras to spice up my inspiration with.

It is worth remembering that the white gelly roll will be perfect for adding final touches and reflections to previously prepared stamps. It is an excellent solution for adding some three-dimensionality to an illustration.

I then moved on to die-cutting circles from the pattern paper using die-cutters. In this case, you can use die-cuts of any base shape. The possibilities are really numerous. The important thing is that the die-cut shape should accommodate whatever you want to put on it. To prepare the inspiration, I used circle die-cuts in two similar sizes. One larger one smaller. The main point here is to keep some space between one circle and the other, so that the pattern paper is not completely covered up. For variety, I added vellum paper or colored paper to the top of the larger circles.

It is important to pay attention to make sure that the inspiration is not too dimensional, since it is supposed to serve us as bookmarks. After choosing the right colors, I proceeded to glue the bookmark base together. Then, using strong double-sided tape, I attached ribbons to them, as well as pieces of magnetic mat, so that the bookmark can embrace the page in such a way that it will not slide out of the book and finding the passage on which we finished reading will always be possible.

I hope that with my inspiration I have encouraged you to make similar bookmarks and that they will come in handy for the upcoming warm evenings, during which a book will be the perfect break from everyday life.


I wish you lots of creativity!


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