Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!


This is probably the last opportunity yet to present you with an Easter-themed card. It was very fitting that it falls on this Saturday, because I had a lot of fun making spring cards for Easter.

For this one, I once again decided to use stamps using brown ink. It goes very nicely with the soft pastel colors. The adorable bunnies from the "Don't worry, be hoppy" set have become one of my favorite stamps lately.

This time I decided to combine them on a card with flowers from the "Loving Heart" set.

I honestly admit that flowers often give me trouble and I can't use them on cards, but I really liked the ones from the mentioned set. Although, I use them in a slightly different way, because I separate them into smaller pieces, so it's easier for me to add them between other stamps.

I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter, lots of rest and family atmosphere!


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