Home Decor AND Card with Leaf Medallion Die!

Hello everyone,
This is Karthikha, back again at Crafty Meraki to inspire you with 2 simple and easy projects! Ever lost your creative mojo and want to get back to do something? This post is for you! All you need are just one ornate die, and a few colored cardstocks! I've used the Altenew Leaf Medallion die here.
My first creation is a wall hanging, that you can finish super quick. Check it out below!

I started by die-cutting 2 leaf medallions from thick white cardstock. Cut them into quarters so you have 8 pieces. Choose your fav colored cardstock as base for the squares. They are nothing but simple lids/boxes. I made them by starting with a 7x7 square cardstock, score at 1 inch on all the 4 sides, cut slits over the corner squares and adhere to make the box model. This gives a square box of side 5inches. Place 2 die-cut quarters on opposite ends of the box, and embellish as per your choice. I've used just a very few sequins to keep the look clean and simple. 
Here are some more pics to show the die-cut in detail. The boxes are just hung on the wall using push pins, once you arrange them the way you like :)

Moving on to the 2nd creation, it is a fun gate-fold card with a belly band.
Check out the video to see how the card opens up.
To make this card, I've die-cut 2 medallions from white cardstock and 4 circles that are a little bigger than the medallion. I chose the dark maroon and green shades of cardstock and cut out 2 circles in each. I've folded the circles in the center to form a semicircle, arranged all 4 diameters of the semicircles perpendicular to each other and adhered. That forms the base. Cover the 2 opposite folds with the medallion die-cuts.
I also used a top folding green notecard with a white mat underneath to add in the personal message inside. The top is again decorated with another medallion die-cut. 
To make sure the card stays closed, I've created a belly band in matching colors. It is decorated with a simple white flower and a few pearls.
Thank you for stopping by, hope you like my projects! Do let me know your feedback! Have a nice day :)
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  • Karthikha Uday 10:56 AM

    Thank you Chandhini! :)

  • Chandhini 03:31 AM

    Both the creations are so creative, love how you used them in non card projects.

  • Karthikha Uday 02:45 PM

    Thank you so much Natasha :)

  • Natasha Vacca 12:55 PM

    Wow! These are so beautiful and so creative!!!!!!!! I love the wall hanging!

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