Get more out of your Layering Stencils

Floral card with Damask Layering stencils

Hello dear crafters, it's Ishani here, with creative ways to take more out of your layering stencils! I have been enjoying playing with  the gorgeous Meraki Blooms release and today I feature the beautiful Damask layering stencils.

I am sure like me, you also are always seeking ways to Stretch your supplies and infuse a splash of creativity into your projects. Layering stencils have made it soo easy to make floral cards, with all the work of the depth and arrangements been taken care of, in the design. The #MerakiBlooms release with the gorgeous layering stencils for the flowers - is just the product you need for some effortless cardmaking. You can get a glimpse of the full Meraki Blooms release Here . We've also compiled an array of beautifully crafted examples by our talented Design Team and Guest Designers to help spark your imagination.

Cardmaking with Layering Stencils

For the project I'm sharing with you today, I've chosen to work with the Damask Layering stencils and coordinating dies. This exceptional set of stencils is instrumental in creating intricate and lifelike floral patterns, all while making it easy and effortless.

One of my favourite ways to stretch my stamps is play with the arrangement. The Damask layering stencils help to make a floral arrangement that you can add up to your card front. But I chose to cut out the flowers and leaves from the arrangement and make a design where the flowers fall from above!

Products used (Linked below):

 Damask Layering stencils

 Damask Layering stencils coordinating dies

Handmade floral card with Damask layering stencils

Step 1:

I am in awe with the way layering stencils create elaborate designs without the stress of perfecting your shading or maintaining color consistency. The different layers guide you in mixing your colors and let the depth in your floral arrangements show.

For colors, I am inspired by things around me, a dress, a bouquet or many times photos on the internet. But, many times when I am not sure which colors to go for, I pick up the color wheel. I love Pinks for my flowers and I pick the complimentary color too, which is green. Then the next colors I choose are Analogous colors. Now that I have green, I chose the analogous Yellow and Yellow's complimentary Purple/Violet. 

Handmade floral card with Damask layering stencils

Step 2:

The result was a beautiful blend of colors that lent an authentic appeal to the wreath. After creating the floral patterns, I used the Damask Layering stencils coordinating dies from the Meraki Blooms release to die-cut the floral arrangement. After that I cut out each flower separately and also separated the leaves. This additional step gives you more possibilities to rearrange the flowers and make an arrangement that makes you get a new look for your cards and designs.


For the sentiment I chose the dies happy birthday from the Birthday Star Mini Slimline para-dies. This die set is very versatile and you can mix and match so many elements of the die set to make various cards, you can check some ideas here

Step 3:

To assemble the gorgeous flowers on my card, I chose a White Top folding A2 card base and to add some texture, I die cut a Lilac cardstock from Crafty Meraki - Dance with Me Mini slimline Die and adhered on the white cardbase. Over this background I arranged my flowers and added the Birthday Wishes sentiment that is a part of Star Mini slimline para dies. I used a Sparkly Silver paper to die cut the sentiment.

Cutting up the flowers of the Damask Layering stencils  is a great way to enable you to stretch your supplies, create stunning, intricate designs without the struggle traditionally associated with detailed coloring. They will not just make your cards look beautiful but also make your memory keeping in scrap layouts, look pretty!

With this release, we aim to inspire you to embrace the beauty of nature and incorporate it into your crafting projects. If you haven't already, don't forget to explore the Meraki Blooms release today, and unlock a world of creativity at your fingertips.

If you've enjoyed this post and found it helpful, don't forget to share it with your fellow craft enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more inspiration and tips to enhance your card-making journey!

Sending Crafty hugs ~ Ishani

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