Foliage frenzy stencil in an autumn look

Foliage frenzy stencil in an autumn look

Welcome to another Saturday in September!

It's time for another inspiration. This time, however, in part, the theme of the work has been predetermined and this week's topic was stencils. As you may have noticed, previous works prepared by DT members also included elements made with Crafty Meraki stencils.

I, in recent times, have started to feel the autumn climate strongly, so after reviewing the stencils I own, one of them caught my eye, namely: "Foliage Frenzy". It perfectly matched my idea of preparing an autumn card.

To start with, I prepared myself a white card, which was slightly smaller than the regular size of the base. I applied the design to the card using a stencil. For this I used Oxide inks in shades: Squeezed Lemonade, Dried Merigold and Worn Lipstic. I then frayed the pattern card a bit with scissors to give a slight aged effect, and applied Oxide Vintage Photo ink lightly to the frayed edges.

Then I also cut a circle out of white paper, which I inked with the same colors I used to create the pattern from the stencil. When the circle was completely filled with colors, I made a few splashes with water, pink ink and at the very end, after drying the previous ones, with white ink.

Then it was time to prepare the stamps. For this I used paper suitable for alcohol markers and black ink, which can also be used when applying alcohol markers. I chose for myself four guiding colors for the work. Three of them have already appeared in the background. They are yellow, orange and pink, in addition, to brighten things up I also used a bit of green.

In the center of the composition will be a hedgehog, whose colors will stand out from the others and thus stand out in the foreground. To create the scene I used stamps from such sets as: "Tou the Tropisc", "To-tall-ly Awesome", "Sweet Tweets", "Snug Bug". To finish the composition, I used a banner, on which I created an inscription with white ink.

All the elements were laid out and glued on 3d foam tape to give the work three-dimensionality. At the very end, I had to choose the shade of the main base and I opted for a paper with a delicate shade of brown, which referred to the banner with the inscription.

This is how the inspiration was created, which you can see right now.
I encourage you to make similar works and to experiment and mix many elements from different stamp sets.

I wish you a beautiful day and a lot of creativity.


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