Charming hedgehogs

Charming hedgehogs

Hi everyone!

It looks like spring has already set in for good on my inspirations. You have no idea how much I've been longing for soft colors and luscious greens.

This time I was very tempted by the adorable "Just Quillin" stamp set. Of course, traditionally, I couldn't resist including some items from another set, namely: "Owl Yours".

This is definitely a weakness of mine, and many times I mix several stamp sets on one card. After all, nothing limits us here.

This time I went for a subtle outline made with brown ink. I decided that the black would come to the forefront too much here. Thanks to the fact that the contours are lighter, also the colors I used are in a slightly softer tone.

To create the background of the card, I used the "3 room studio mini Slimline" die-cut. I am delighted with it. It is incredibly versatile and gives really a lot of possibilities, and the elements that are left after cutting out the windows, you can easily use for further creative works.

I hope you enjoyed today's inspiration. I wish you all the best of creativity and see you next week!


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