Bold and bright birthday card.

Bold and bright birthday card.
Hello crafty friends! Karin @creakarts again with a new blogpost, this week is all about birthday and celebration cards! 
I started this card with the beautiful Birthday Bouquet stampset, it’s all in the name right!? I chose to do a watercolour piece with this stamp. I used a 40lb piece of watercolour paper. I used gold embossing powder for all the lines of the stamp so I stamped the floral stamp partially onto the paper with versafine watermark ink. Before stamping it’s smart to use antistatic powder on the paper so the embossing powder will only stick onto the ink and not anywhere else on the paper. If you don’t have an antistatic pouch or brush you can make one yourself with baby powder and a pantyhose. Just be sure there are 2 pieces of the pantyhose around the babypowder. After stamping I used WOW gold embossing powder and heated it with my heatgun. As you can see on the picture there are missing some lines of the stamp, but I don’t want to throw this piece away just because of that. When it’s all finished you’ll see it isn’t a big problem that there are some lines missing. 
I love to colour with my Karin brushmarkers pro because the colours are very saturated and they’re so easy to colour with. I start with watering down a piece of a flower with a brush and then I go in with the tip of my brushmarker and let the colour flow. For the flowers I used Gold 283 and Amber 195. When the colours are applied I go in with another brush to bring the colours together in the middle of the petals. I did the same thing with the leaves but now applied the two colours randomly. The colours I used for the leaves are Turquoise 654 and Apple 210. 
When the watercolour is dry I go in with the black brushmarker to fill in all the white space, because I want to have a dramatic look. And as you can see on the picture below it’s such a difference when all the gaps are black instead of white. On the right side I only traced all the outlines with black because I’m going to cut it off around the edges. 
I glued a black and white striped piece of paper from my favorite things onto the right side of the double sided card and the floral stamp on the left side, now you can see the patterned paper gives even more interest and boldness to this piece. The only thing that’s missing now is a sentiment, I chose to use ‘birthday wishes’ and stamped it onto a piece of watercolour paper with black archival ink. I cut it around the edges and coloured the piece with the same colours I used for the leaves. To add a little more interest to the sentiment I traced all the edges on the left of the letters with a golden gelpen. I added the sentiment with double sided adhesive and places it on the card. And now we have a bold and bright birthday card! 
Hope I could inspire you with this card! I wish you a great day! See you next Tuesday. 
~ Karin 

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